No-Code Software Development Solutions

What can you find here? As a professional web developer who specialized in web application development with no-code tools like Bubble and Glide I can help you with:

  • building web applications from start to finish
  • giving ready-to-use apps from my library
  • providing how-to-use articles with Bubble
  • coaching follow developers on their journey

Bubble developer

No-code developers play a crucial role in translating your vision into a functional web application. They brings their problem-solving skills, design thinking, and understanding of the no-code platform to help you build the best possible solution.

Rapid Prototyping and Development

No-code platforms like Bubble allow developers to build functional prototypes and even launch full-fledged applications much faster than traditional coding methods. This means you can test your ideas quickly, get feedback from users, and iterate on your product at lightning speed.

No Coding Skills Required

As the name suggests, no-code development doesn’t require traditional programming knowledge. This opens up the door for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone with an idea to build their own digital solutions without relying on technical expertise.


Traditional development can be expensive, requiring hiring professional developers or agencies. No-code platforms typically offer more affordable monthly or pay-as-you-go plans, making them a budget-friendly option for startups and small businesses.

Flexibility and Customization

While no-code platforms have predefined functionalities, they also offer plenty of flexibility for customization. Developers can integrate external plugins, design intuitive user interfaces, and build features that match the specific needs of their project.

Focus on Business Logic

By eliminating the need to write complex code, no-code developers can focus on the core business logic of your application. This can lead to more efficient development processes, better-aligned features, and an overall smoother user experience.

Apps library

Explore my extensive portfolio of software development projects, showcasing my expertise in creating solutions that solves business issues. The project’s topics are in wide range and they solve different kind of problems.

Manage your employees database

Rent out your sailboat

Register Guests at Your Company

Handle Trucks registering at factories

Truck Register (under development)

No-Code Blog

Read the latest how-to-do, how-to-use articles about no-code platforms like Bubble. The main focus is to help builders and individuals to come across the barriers that this new 21st century technology brought to us.

How to use the Alert component in Bubble development?

It is a common practice in web development to give a user a feedback after an action (aka event) is triggered. This usually means there is small popup box in either the top of the page or on the bottom of the page. Today’s short tutorial I give you an example how you can achieve…

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How to make a user menu with Bubble?

It is very common to see a user icon in the top right corner and after click on it you can see a user related menu. Today I will show how can you achieve this in Bubble. For simplicity I have just put one button into the menu, but you can add as many as…

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How to create a register page in Bubble?

After yesterday article, today I will show how to create a register form and register workflow action using Bubble. Register Page In this example we will expand the user default data fields with two new ones: First Name and Last Name. It is not necessary, but it’s good to have these fields, so later we…

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How to create a login page in Bubble?

In today’s short tutorial I show how to create a simple login page with a form and form submission. Login Page 1. Create the design elements As you can see on the elements tree the following elements and grouping contains the necessary elements: Email group with a label text and an input form[type=”email”‘] Password group…

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